I spent mine going to Wal-Mart.

“A Cool-Looking DVD Player-With HDMI: $39.99 An HDMI Cable to go with my new DVD Player $29.99 A New FM transmitter to go with my I-Pod: $48.99 A Pair of Cool shoes for the summer: $24.99 My Brand-New Bike: $99.99 My Brand New Computer Stand: $79.99 Leaving My Favorite Store and made off like Santa… Read More »

“i made one month’s payment on my student loans, stimulated the japanese economy by buying a pair of shoes (while i’m on the subject of other peoples’ governments: thanks for the healthcare, japan!), and forked over the rest to MSF/Doctors Without Borders.” stompie, 25, graduate student tokyo/brockton, ma

A nice Token, but no real Economic Fix

“I spent my Economic Stimulus Check on Adobe Audition (Sound Software). I look forward to transferring my 78s, 45s, and LPs to Mp3s and cleaning up the sound!” Gregory M, 40, Human Directional / Volunteer / Disability San Diego, CA

Summer Vacation

“I used 95% cent of it to pay debt for last summer’s 8400 mile family trip. We did invite my parents out to eat and to see the new Indy Jones movie. I should have used that money for debt too in retrospect.” Joel, 39, Communications Specialist St. Cloud, Florida

A newer car for our high school grad.

“We bought our son a better car for his high school graduation. He plans on going away to collage this fall, and we thought it best to give him a better car than what he was driving while going to high school. The car is a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT.” Leon, 44, Welder, Winebago… Read More »


“I had been postponing repairing my auto; however, I must keep it running because my grandson wants it on his 16th birthday. Easy come easy go>….I boohooed all the way to the repair shop.” Hector Chao, 69, retiree Los Angeles , CA

Disappointed Single Mom

“Wish I had good news like everyone else..but unfortunately I didn’t get my stimulus check..the govt. kept it..put it towards a student loan I borrowed back in 1990 for $2,500.00 that has gotten way out of control since my divorce in 1998. I can’t even tell you how much interest I’ve paid on this thing..I… Read More »

Sweeter after dark

“This is all our check would allow us to buy, Sonic may be sweeter after dark, the check wasn’t.” JJ, 52, school teacher Ft. Worth, Texas