Too Little Too Late

“I gave mine to my mother, who used it to buy food. How else is someone supposed to survive these days on a $1,200 a month social security widow’s benefit check? I would have rather the government use the combined payout to ease the cost of fuel for all of us so that we wouldn’t… Read More »

Mommy time

“I bought plane tickets for my son to come out for the summer. I live in San Diego and he lives in St Louis so I dont get to see him very often. The check came at just the right time! Thanks GW!!!” grace san diego, CA

Vacationing, Communist Style

“Thank You Mr Bush, I spent my stimulus on vacation in a communist country where it seems like we have more freedom than America… Thanks again I really like the war and the patriot act. Oh and seeing what we accomplished in Vietnam, it really was amazing! Maybe we can do the same thing to… Read More »

Change Of Plans

“We had plans to buy fun stuff with our money, instead we used it to pay the deductible for our car that was hit in a parking lot! “ Dawn Las Vegas, NV

Paid it back to the IRS

“Last year I increased my withholding allowances so that I wouldn’t have so much withheld from my paychecks, in an attempt to “do the right thing” and break even at tax time. I filled out the W-4 and did the worksheet to figure out how many allowances I should have. I ended up owing $1100… Read More »

Thanks G.W.!!!

“i spent my check on a trip to Costa Rica to go white water rafting, and spend some time with my buddies” Jason, 34, Production Manager Houston, Texas

I got jacked!!

“I didn’t buy anything. in fact, i was supposed to get 600 back and i only got back $223! the feds jacked my money!” sturdy sturdy, 24, Graphic Design hollywood, ca

City of Angels

“I took myself to the City of Angels… Los Angeles. Went to most every tourist site (Hollywood Blvd., West Hollywood, Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, etc.) but the coolest thing I did was go to the famous Griffith Observatory. Great views from up there. The new Wolfgang Puck restaurant is down below and the… Read More »

My Race Car

“I bought myself racing parts for my car. And I payed some of my bills. The check came in handy for some stuff.” Tommy Hernandez, 24, Nurse Technician San Benito, Texas

My Dog Groomed and Pet Treats

“I treated my Shih Tzu Sydney to a Groom and bought her lots of treats. I also helped a friend who was having a hard time financially. Thanks W. Obama can keep the “change”! “ Sharen, 51, Sales Admininstrator Auburn, GA