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Change Of Plans

“We had plans to buy fun stuff with our money, instead we used it to pay the deductible for our car that was hit in a parking lot! “ Dawn Las Vegas, NV

My Race Car

“I bought myself racing parts for my car. And I payed some of my bills. The check came in handy for some stuff.” Tommy Hernandez, 24, Nurse Technician San Benito, Texas

A newer car for our high school grad.

“We bought our son a better car for his high school graduation. He plans on going away to collage this fall, and we thought it best to give him a better car than what he was driving while going to high school. The car is a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT.” Leon, 44, Welder, Winebago‚Ķ Read More »


“I had been postponing repairing my auto; however, I must keep it running because my grandson wants it on his 16th birthday. Easy come easy go>….I boohooed all the way to the repair shop.” Hector Chao, 69, retiree Los Angeles , CA

Racing for the economy

“My stimulus check came just in time to cover the bill for Lexus Driving Academy. Flogging a $64,000, 416-hp V-8, 8-speed, sports sedan around a track with pro driver instruction. Energy crisis? What energy crisis?” Trevor, 23, Shop Manager/Race Mechanic Richmond, Virginia