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Summer Vacation

“I used 95% cent of it to pay debt for last summer’s 8400 mile family trip. We did invite my parents out to eat and to see the new Indy Jones movie. I should have used that money for debt too in retrospect.” Joel, 39, Communications Specialist St. Cloud, Florida

Disappointed Single Mom

“Wish I had good news like everyone else..but unfortunately I didn’t get my stimulus check..the govt. kept it..put it towards a student loan I borrowed back in 1990 for $2,500.00 that has gotten way out of control since my divorce in 1998. I can’t even tell you how much interest I’ve paid on this thing..I… Read More »

Thanks W&Co!

“For Illustrative Purposes I pulled out some cash to display here. If it were not for this website we probably never would have taken any real notice of our “stimulus” payment… it went directly toward our outstanding credit card balances. I am never one to look a Gift Horse in the mouth (even one addled… Read More »