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I spent mine going to Wal-Mart.

“A Cool-Looking DVD Player-With HDMI: $39.99
An HDMI Cable to go with my new DVD Player $29.99
A New FM transmitter to go with my I-Pod: $48.99
A Pair of Cool shoes for the summer: $24.99
My Brand-New Bike: $99.99
My Brand New Computer Stand: $79.99
Leaving My Favorite Store and made off like Santa Claus: Priceless”

Troy G., 41
Houston, TX

“i made one month’s payment on my student loans, stimulated the japanese economy by buying a pair of shoes (while i’m on the subject of other peoples’ governments: thanks for the healthcare, japan!), and forked over the rest to MSF/Doctors Without Borders.”

stompie, 25, graduate student
tokyo/brockton, ma

A nice Token, but no real Econimic Fix

“I spent my Economic Stimulus Check on Adobe Audition (Sound Software). I look forward to transferring my 78s, 45s, and LPs to Mp3s and cleaning up the sound!”

Gregory M, 40, Human Directional / Volunteer / Disability
San Diego, CA

A little extra for our wedding

“My fiance and I are using our $1200 (600 apiece) towards our wedding fund. We will be entertaining around 150 people this October, and our goal is to do it without having to use any credit cards. So far we’ve been doing great. As the checks were deposited a few days before we booked the honeymoon, I suppose you could say that is what they specifically paid for. “

Julie, 25, Professional
Stafford, VA

The Selling of America

“My stimulus check is in the envelope that my grandchild is holding. Our foolish government borrowed this money, and billions more, from Communist China. Our children and grandchildren will be paying it back. Just thought that I would help her to make her first payment. Enjoy your trinkets and baubles. They come at a high cost to future generations.”

Elisa, 48, unemployed
Danielson, Connecticut

The Price of Tuition and Books

“Well, my husband and i split our $1200 dollars. My $600.00 went to my daughter’s college summer school. My husband spent his. It seems that books for college students keep getting more and more outrageous in price. We want our kids to be educated but the price of books! Everyone is looking to make a buck and they hit the ones trying to improve their education!!! I just don’t understand, this is such a deterrent for most because not everyone can afford $600-??? for just books and tuition. Are our kids being punished for wanting to improve themselves??? Bottom line, our country is so wasteful in knocking down buildings because there out dated-who cares! Give the money to our kids that want to learn and be educated and maybe be our leaders for the future!!! “

DiAnne Medellin, 47, Sales Administrator-Dubois & Associates
San Antonio, TX

Tax Season In Indiana

“Hey, I live in Indiana, and we just got the final bill for last years property taxes. They went up so high they had to break them up and bill us over two years, we won’t get the first tax bill for this year until next winter. My check is going to pay for part of our bill, maybe the feds can do this every year and help pay our Indiana property tax every year!”

Tom, 52, Unemployed State Worker
Indianapolis, In

Beach House!

“I paid for a partial share in renting this beach house in Maine. I was going to go there anyway to join friends but it sure helped to pay my share and allow a little extra to buy lobsters and wine and such. And GASOLINE to get there. I also spent a little on clothing, most of which is being retuned….”

Kimberly Steward, 38, non-profit management
Jackson, NH

A Cabin in the Mountains?!

“I bought this beautiful quilt from a friend of a friend. I make quilts for others and loved the idea of buying one for myself. It looks beautiful on my guest room bed. It will be the closest thing to a real cabin in the mountains I will ever get! Thanks, Debbie!”

Hermiston, OR

My Surgery…….

“My husband and I used it on a Hysterectemy for me I have been needing one for about 10 years becuase of existing enodemtriosis and LOA, we have 3 kids, we can’t afford anymore! I appreciate it Bush, but I still don’t like you!!”

Brandi, 27, Chapman Homemaker
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma